Half-Assed recap

stuff happened

After defeating the undead/vampire army and undead dragon at the gates of the capital of Specifica,
Shadgon ran off
met with Shojo, left dragon bits with Shojo for crafting
rode gryphons back to Generica,found Akrulen in the burned city
A dragon had been killed, and affected the aiming fireballs
Grimm was dead, we salvaged some booze
Vincent got a wolf
Thelonious and Alea tracked the twins to the tower,
followed them through a portal (previous portals had combined) to another tower
distracted the evil twin long and helped good twin win
but he got stabbed in the head
but he got better
and went off to find his place in the world or something.
we found a book about killing gods
you hit them really hard with dragon parts.
returned to Specifica and met the re-incarnated booze-sponge prince
Alea and Vincent laid the smackdown on a false paladin murderer
Thelonious and vale watched the paladin get executed by Akrulen’s minions
then stopped by the blacksmiths and got a dragon-bits thing
also laid some guidance on a confused elf bard.
Alea, prince, and Vincent met a retarded barbarian that liked to chew on sticks
and he beat down an enraged orc?
everyone finally met up with Akrulen and Shojo at the castle
learned about the amulets and unlocking powers
received one amulet, received new airship
took off towards the dragon tower by Alea’s grove
found stowaways on the airship
Pick, the male dwarf rogue (Sean)
Merril, the female elf bloodmage (Johny)
decided not to throw them overboard
Alea scouted ahead, found impending storm.
Thelonious turned off the autopilot, giving the prince a severe case of taffy-lung
Alea performed emergency surgery, prince survived.
Thelonious and Alea landed the airship
mad clouds approached, informed us we needed to bugger off their land.
drunken prince botched the translation, but we managed to avoid a fight.
took off, went around the storm, landed near the grove.
rested a bit, then went to the tower
met the dragon, gave him a drink
learned he is the guardian/caretaker of the labyrinth holding an amulet,
only the pure can succeed, amulet is paired to the one we already have
combined, they will restore an arcane law related to our dragon forms

Feb 25th

2 weeks remain (in game)
requested some item from the dragon, got a few other things instead.
He also gave us 1 meeellion gold, and said there was more to be had if we succeeded in the labyrinth.
we entered, met the guide.
choosing between a water or earth trial, we chose earth.
we fought and defeated a TreeEnt while Alea was trapped inside another tree.
afterwards we faced a trial of fire, which was a “step on each space only once” puzzle.
unable to find valid path, Alea simply took bird form and flew onto the last square.
according to the guide, we’d reached a half-way point.
faced with a choice of trial by life or by death, we chose death…

March 4th

In a room with several bookshelves, with RIP written on them, two wraiths told us we had to “finish what was started”. A certain partially burnt scroll described the history of the room, having been used for smuggling refugees in a past war. further searching revealed magic auras on the backs of the bookshelves, and attempts at dispelling it offered a glimpse at 2 hidden coffins. Attempts to perform “last rites” failed, and in the end, we set fire to the bookshelves. As the hidden coffins were consumed, spirits arose and merged with the wraiths, setting them free.

In the next trial room, we are to face the “truth”. the first hall is warped, and a pressure-plate trap near the entrance. the guide tells us that triggering it will make the trial easier, but we don’t believe it. while passing through the warped section of the hall, each of us is confronted with oft-overpowering hallucinations. after passing through with some trouble, the guide appears and triggers the pressure plate, and the warping disappears.
As struggle to pass the rest of the warped sections, the hallucinations had us fearing for our beards, feeling rejected, suspicious, and even a touch murderous.

March 11th

In the final truth test, Vale was transported to another room, and had to find his way back to us, all while wavering back and forth between states of mind. Faced with a locked door, Thelonious busted it down with a mighty kick. In the end, we all made it out.

Returning once more, the guide told us there was one final trial. A previous adventurer had made his way to the ruby, but was trapped in the dungeon, lacking his sanity. Our goal was to defeat him within 45 seconds, or suffer the same fate. After a rude, long drop, but with a soft landing, we faced the frost dwarf, who got the drop on us. Getting the first blow, he did significant damage to Alea. Vale, however, was determined and probably a bit fed up with all this, and called upon his Phantasmal Killer. Perhaps the dwarfs impeded sanity was his downfall, as he succumbed to the illusion and was killed immediately. The amulet was recovered from his body.

Having been teleported out of the labyrinth, we appeared in the tower with the dragon. The dragon took the two amulets into his mouth, chewed on them a bit, and exhaled a fine dust upon us. After an agonizing transformation, we all sprouted draconic wings, and gained access to a breath weapon unique to each of us. All that’s left now it to resupply and seek out Shadgon in the place where it all began.



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