bittersweet exodus

upon returning to the hamlet, the party celebrated with free drinks at Kierkegaard. But this was a short celebration, because monsters attacked the village! while fighting them, one was set ablaze and in a panic ran around and crashed into the tavern, setting it ablaze. amidst all this chaos, shadgon appeared again. This time his powers had been amplified by Nerull, the god of death. it looked as if he would kill everyone and take his revenge, but then Akrulen created something even more fearful than this dark knight: an undead monstrosity the likes of which are seen only in legend. This new monster made short work of shadgon, who retreated again. the battle was over, but the village was ruined. the party was thanked again for its hard work and bloodshed, but most of the village was scared of another monster arriving, and banished the party from the town.

corrupted temple part 2

after resting at the goddess statue and pressing on. the party faces a pair of zombies, which were shoddy in their reanimation and quickly defeated. coming to the next room was the temple guard who gave the party trouble earlier. he was defeated with minor issue, but, after he died re rose to fight again! but he proved to be no match after all. the next room however was almost the last. as the party entered, the dark knight Shadgon cast a spell that nearly drained the life force from the party. just before they died, they were saved by the moon goddess Luna, who granted them special weapons to fight the dark knight’s powers. even when using these new weapons Shadgon was still a challenge, but the party managed to defeat him. he escapes death and leaves the temple, as does the party.

corrupted temple part 1

The adventure begins as the players are at a tavern called Kierkegaard in the center of a small hamlet.the local temple has been making strange noises and nobody who goes in ever comes out. the party is offered 350 gp a person to investigate. at night, they enter the temple and find a portal inside the chapel guarded by a pair of darkmantle. after defeating the darkmantle,the party enters the portal (not entirely on purpose, as the wizard Akrulen accidentally gets himself sucked through)
they find a crypt and face a trio of skeletal guards there. the party pressed on and found a safeguarded room with the statue of a beautiful women there, and decided to rest for a while.


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